A Step-By-Step Guide To Keeping An Aquarium


I started this site for one simple reason:  to share the knowledge I have gained through trial and error through years of keeping aquariums.  I had my first aquarium at 10 years old.  It was a 20 gallon fresh water tank that started with the guppies I got in 4th grade science class (thanks Ms. Davis!).  My fascination with aquatics has never waned.  Although life got in the way for a while, I took up saltwater over four years ago and have never looked back.  Along the way, I have made mistakes, had some huge wins, and purchased tons of products, some of which were good and others were total garbage.  

Here, you will find my honest reviews, links to purchase, products that actually keep my tank running, a blog detailing my journey and lessons and learned, and of course, your fill of reef pics!  Enjoy, learn, and connect!  Contact me if there are any questions you want answered and I will be happy to assist.